Looking at Dragon Water Features

Looking at Dragon Water Features

Dragon water features can add flair to any yard, garden, or landscaping. Use this majestic Asian symbol as a unique focal point in your yard to bring nature indoors. The calming sound of rushing water and the look of a dragon breath coming from its mouth bring excitement and mystery to a yard or garden. Bring these ancient symbols into your yard with a dragon water feature  Statue.

Asian Water Dragon Statues. Bring drama to your garden with elegant, rustic Asian-style, finely cast solid bronze dragon statues that will watch over your garden with true grandeur and will last forever. This antique-style oriental dragon sculpture is carefully handcrafted in the classic lost wax technique, hand-rubbed with a natural green epoxy finish, and finished using a protective black lacquer that accents the finely detailed, one-of-a-kind, intricately detailed dragon figure. These are sure to become a treasured piece of yard art that you will see for years to come.

Dragon Sculpture Statues. Perhaps the ultimate in yard decor, this exquisite Asian Water Dragon Statue will watch over your garden with true grandeur and will last forever. These awe-inspiring Asian wall-mounted water feature statures are made with painstaking detail, and are made from one hundred percent solid bronze. They are available in three different sizes, each one given its own individual style and pose. Add to them a wooden, bamboo or padded stand and you have the ultimate yard decor display.

Dragon Wall Water Fountains. Another unique and spectacular wall mounted water feature, this five foot tall Chinese dragon wall fountain will surely please you with its realistic scale and splendid colours. This exquisite piece also comes with a life-size cut out of the dragon which will watch over your garden with true majestic grandeur and will last forever. It has a steel claw back which protects the water feature from damaging anything.

Dragon Candle Water Fountains. Made from the finest Chinese ceramics, these beautifully crafted Japanese candle dragon sculptures have been carefully hand sculptured and are available in two different sizes. Each one is approximately one metre tall and will watch over your garden like a guardian angel. The candle element of the sculpture has a soft light which will suit your general lighting requirements, while the dragon itself is an imposing sight, made with fine carvings of metal and stone.

Dragon Statue Water Features. This striking sculpture is sure to capture the attention of visitors to your garden as it stands proudly in place. Standing eighteen inches tall this impressive bronze statue is a great addition to any patio or entrance area. The statue depicts a mighty dragon lying down as he stares at visitors, who may wonder what lies beneath the deep blue waters of the lake. It also features a wide variety of large, ornately designed fins on his back which allow him to propel himself into the water easily.

Dragonfly Butterfly Water Feature. A beautiful butterfly in flight is always a sight to behold and the stunning dragonfly water feature will surely attract many visitors to your garden. The striking bronze and glass sculpture depicts a lovely scene above the waters of a gently flowing stream with small butterfly shaped butterflies dancing happily in the midst of a gently flowing stream.

You will find that most of the above options are perfect for your outdoors and you will love every second of it. You will also love the fact that these fountains and sculptures are not only great decorative items but you will also love how easy they are to clean and maintain too. So if you want a really spectacular display either in your garden or within your own home then take a look at some of the wonderful water features that are now available. You will not regret your decision.