Reasons to Choose a Genesis Toilet Cubicle System

Reasons to Choose a Genesis Toilet Cubicle System

The Genesis 361 compact cubicle solution is the latest addition to a line of toilet cubicles. This cubicle is an improved version of the Genesis 394, which is manufactured by Carroza. The two-piece design makes this type of toilet easy to assemble and install. The installation process does not take long as it does with other types of cubicles. In addition, this is a simple process that requires little to no labor involved. It takes about an hour for this installation to be completed.

As is typical of all cubicles, the Genesis 361 has a single wall, but the different is in the form of an aluminium frame. This frame consists of my panels and the panel is attached to two aluminium frames. The fittings for the partitions are securely pressed into the aluminium frames. These fittings are available in different finishes like chrome and gold. There is also a choice of different types of toilet cubicle system .

One of the benefits of the fittings found on the Genesis 361 compact toilet cubicle system is the ability to easily adjust the hpl boards. The panels can be found at various heights. Some are set at full height, while others are lower. The full height fittings can be easily removed for cleaning. If a person would like to install a wall hung toilet, then the full height option is recommended.

The partitions are made from melamine, which is a strong and durable material that has the ability to withstand heavy weights. One of the reasons that melamine is used to manufacture the partitions of this type of toilet cubicle system is that it is an extremely difficult material to scratch or mark. This is because melamine is a translucent material that comes in a wide range of colours. An individual that has a black leather handbag for instance, will be able to see the contents of the bag perfectly. However, someone with a metallic silver briefcase will not be able to notice the melamine partitions.

A very popular material that is used to manufacture the partitions of the Genesis 361 compact cubicle solution is carrot wood. This material comes from rain forests in South America. Carroza wood contains natural oils that are naturally protective against stains. In addition to this, the dark colours of the wood help to hide stains that are left behind. Individuals that have been known to stain their bathrooms have never bothered to stain the carroza woods. These partitions are durable and will last the test of time if they are properly cared for.

The Genesis 361 Cubicle Solution also features an innovative job reference system. The job reference system enables individuals to keep their job reference within reach at all times. This job reference helps individuals to quickly find their job reference when they are in a hurry. The job reference is also a digital device that helps to increase the efficiency with which one performs the task related to the toilet cubicle system.

The Genesis Bronze or Metalli job reference system is similar to the traditional electronic parts that are used in electronic projectors. The advantage of using the cubicles in the Metalli system is that the job references are always visible. When the individual performs a task related to the restroom, he will be able to see the job reference easily. The size of these cubicles is almost equal to the height of a standard wall locker. This makes it easier for a person to store items in these toilet partition systems.

The best thing about the Genesis Bronze system is that it is designed to use standard toilet parts. It has several types of fittings that include the Anchor G3, a 3 way pivot and the PMMA stud finder. The Anchor G3 is a great tool that allows the individual to locate the toilet partition when it is not in use. The PMMA stud finder helps individuals determine the size of the partition in question.

The best quality of the Genesis Bronze or Metalli cubicle system is that it comes with an installation manual. This manual explains everything that one needs to know about installing this type of toilet in a washroom. Users can choose to have either a wall hung or a floor standing cubicle depending on their preference. The installation manual also contains information regarding the installation process, which includes the installation of the hinges, locking mechanism and laminate board.

Users are able to install the Genesis cubicle system either using the t-line or the compact grade laminate. The t-line system requires a professional to install it whereas the compact grade laminate system requires no special knowledge. However, users need to be aware that the compact grade laminate is more expensive than the t-line due to its reduced quality. When deciding on a brand to purchase the users should ensure that they purchase fittings from brands that are known for producing high quality partitions.