Review of Creekside Restaurant in Philadelphia

Review of Creekside Restaurant in Philadelphia

Casa Loma Restaurant at Coast Seafood and Casino Hotel is a casual, informal eatery that serves local, continental, and American fare. Located between the Casa Loma Hotel and the Golden Gate Bridge, the restaurant is ideally located for exploring the beautiful San Diego Bay area. Casual, open, and airy eatery with wide, open views of the bay. The ambiance is relaxed, and not overly busy. With great food, wine, and service, this place is one of our favorite diners in the entire city!

The decor is chic and stylish, and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. The prices are very reasonable, especially when compared to the quality of food and service. The star of the show, however, is the seafood! The varied offerings from calamari to surf and turf are simply mouth watering. There are also several different entrees that mix different seafood flavors to round out the experience.

The award winning chef, Kevin Dunn, uses local, seasonal ingredients to create tantalizing dishes. This results in consistently delicious food. The lobster roll, particularly, is among the best you'll ever have. It's stuffed with lobster meat and served on a bed of mixed greens. If you want to top it off with some potato salad and a side of fresh, crisp, cucumber salad, you've got it made!

Another highlight is the dessert selections. From chocolate cakes to banana splits, Dunn and his team have a sweet tooth that can't be beat. Be sure to stop by the cafe section, which offers many delicious treats to choose from. The cafe furniture is very comfortable and welcoming. You can even order an iced tea while you wait for your creekside restaurant .

The service was our best experience at thereefside. The employees were very friendly and efficient. Their knowledge of the dishes was impressive as well. We were treated like celebrities at thereef!

Don't be fooled by the fact that the price is low. Everything tastes better at thereef. You won't feel guilty about spending a few extra dollars here because it's worth it. In addition, the portions are generous! So, you won't go hungry just because you don't go during happy hour.

If you want to treat yourself to a nice, quiet night in Philadelphia, check out thereef later that night. It won't be too crowded and you'll have plenty of quiet time to yourselves. You can even enjoy a drink at the bar before you retire to your room for the night. Or, perhaps you'd prefer to just sit at the bar and enjoy the view. This is completely up to you.

Thereefside Restaurant is conveniently located off of North Avenue in South Philadelphia. It's right off the Market Street strip. If you're driving through the area, take a left on Rt. 19A and stay right on C Street. It's a great place to eat and it's not far from your hotel if you need to sight see.

Thereefside is a very simple restaurant that offers some good food. The decor won't kill your appetite. The food is basic and affordable. And, you can get the same quality of meal for less money at many other restaurants. If you don't like the price, or you don't like the menu, don't worry about it.

There are a couple of reasons why the cost isn't as high as you may like. One, they aren't very busy. This is usually a good sign of a great establishment. Two, the chef and staff are extremely friendly. If they greet you when you arrive and the waitpersons know you, that's a plus as well.

The food isn't anything special, but it's a great place to go on a date night. With all the bars and clubs nearby, you might as well hang out with your date and order appetizers, cocktails, or pints of wine. You can also get the same kinds of food, and sometimes better, from any of the other pubs in the area. The downside is, if you go at dinner, expect to be waited on by a tableful of people.

If you don't care for food, the bouncy house can satisfy your party needs. It has a large dance floor and lots of entertainment for younger kids. The bouncy house is very inexpensive and the kids are safe. So, if you are looking for an affordable place to have an adult party, this is it. The price is reasonable and the ambiance is perfect.