Thread Face Lifts: Non-Surgical Face Lift Options

Thread Face Lifts: Non-Surgical Face Lift Options

Soft and fine mesh thread face lifts are a relatively new technique for reshaping the face and neck. This method uses an innovative form of technology to deliver two separate but simultaneous surgical treatments. Unlike other methods of neck lift which require incisions and long recovery time, thread face lifts only require one incision and limited recovery time. The resulting result is a more youthful appearance with less visible scars.

Soft and fine thread face lifts use 2 separate treatments: A cosmetic, rapid lifting effect to quickly reshape your face. And a natural, long-term regenerative restoration of your skin's collagen to return your face to its natural form long term. These unique procedures work on the same concepts as traditional face lifts, only with less invasive and more refined technology. During one session your doctor will use a fine needle threading small amounts of hyaluronic acid, collagen, or elastin through tiny holes in the skin. As you lose fat and muscle tissue, the skin tightens and returns to its normal, slender shape. Your scars will become less noticeable as your skin returns to its former grace.

Before undergoing any type of medical treatment it is important to ensure that you meet all of your healthcare needs and have received adequate information regarding the procedure. Speak with your physician about any health conditions that may need to be considered. Discuss what kind of treatment plan you want and how long you plan to pursue your goal. A consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon will help you to determine whether your goals are reasonable and will help you to understand your treatment options and how to make an informed decision. If you are considering thread face lifts  consult with the cosmetic surgeon about the best results for you and your skin type.

The benefits of thread face lifts are not unique. For years, liposuction procedures and other invasive techniques have yielded only limited phenomenal results. With newer technology and a little bit of forethought, people have been achieving fantastic results with non-surgical liposuction procedures for more than 30 years. When used properly, non-surgical liposuction can produce phenomenal results.

The benefits of a thread lift procedure can be the reduction of unsightly, embarrassing and oftentimes painful scars. Many women suffer with acne scars that they are unsure of how to rid themselves of. Most women find a simple face lift procedure uncomfortable and difficult to perform. In addition, a large incision must be made in order to get to the area needing repair. This means that additional time will be needed to heal before the sagging skin can be corrected.

On the flip side, non-surgical thread face lifts are not invasive, are painless and do not require incisions. In fact, patients typically experience only mild swelling and redness in the days following the procedure. Because of this, the recovery time is much shorter.

Non-surgical thread face lifts use tiny needles that are injected into fat cells to break up excess fat tissue. The broken-up fat is then removed from the body by the threads located on the face, creating smoother, more even skin texture. These small bits of synthetic plastic are actually synthetic versions of human collagen. As more collagen is absorbed by the body, the skin looks smoother and tighter, eliminating the uneven, baggy skin that is common with many people who gain weight.

The threads that make up these tiny injections are implanted under the uppermost layer of skin to cause the liquid to seep out through small incisions below the surface of the skin. Each new thread breaks off a small piece of synthetic collagen, replacing the old one that was broken off. This process does not remove any old scarring, as long as you do not have any deep wrinkles - the newer threads will fill in any gaps and smooth out any remaining signs of aging. Because non-surgical face lift is much faster than the traditional method of liposuction, the end result is that most patients are able to undergo the treatment within a couple weeks. Because of this fast turnaround time, many patients choose to undergo this treatment as soon as they are feeling up to it and confident that the new collagen is going to make a difference in their appearance.