Warehouse Management and Other Factors For Managing Traffic Flow in Warehouses

Warehouse Management and Other Factors For Managing Traffic Flow in Warehouses

Forwarding company in Malaysia is a growing industry. This is because it serves the purposes of freight forwarders, shipping companies, and other cargo transportation companies. A forwarding company in Malaysia may either be an agent for exporting goods or a supplier. It is important to establish a forwarding company in Malaysia  since the government has made it easy for foreigners to open a business here. Besides, the people of this country are very hospitable that even foreigners who have no connection with this business can start it here. A majority of people here are educated and most of them are working in international markets.

The burgeoning economy in Malaysia has attracted many people worldwide especially the youth to join the country's booming tourism industry. As a result, they are looking for logistics companies that can help them to transport their belongings and goods across the country. As you know that the government of Malaysia is also supporting the growth of this industry through various incentives that it has offered to many manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. That's why these entrepreneurs decided to establish a logistics company in Malaysia. However, the government has made it mandatory for them to have a license and get the approval of the Board of Customs and Emporters of Malaysia (BTEM).

You might wonder why a logistics services provider in Malaysia needs a license and the answer is very simple. The main reason is the strict requirements that the government has imposed for businesses in Malaysia. For instance, there is a need for warehousing and supply chain management. Warehousing refers to the transportation of finished goods from one point in the manufacturing process to the point of sale. On the other hand, supply chain management deals with the entire process of manufacturing, transporting, production, packaging, and distribution of products in the supply chain.

If you are a company planning to establish a logistics service in Malaysia, you have two options - hire a local or a foreign logistics service provider. A local company may be a great option for those who are already based in Malaysia. However, hiring a foreign logistics service provider can help businesses in Malaysia because they can have access to experienced and skilled employees in these areas. Moreover, hiring a foreign firm will also enable you to expand your business overseas.

If you are looking for a suitable freight forwarding company in Malaysia, you need to ensure that it has comprehensive experience in freight forwarding and warehousing. Besides having comprehensive experience, an efficient and experienced company should also have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Let us look at the Warehousing and integrated logistics solutions sdn bhd.

Warehousing refers to the transportation of finished goods from one point in the manufacturing process to the point of sale. In this process, products are packed in containers in various modes like floor-loading, pallet-based, truck-mounted, water-filled and conveyor-based. This is the most important function of the logistics and it is the responsibility of the international freight forwarding company in Malaysia to maintain the proper inventory of goods as per the customer requirements. The main functions of the warehouses in Malaysia include receiving, storing, loading, unloading, breaking up, packaging and unpacking the goods. Warehouses should also have high security features.

Apart from the function of receiving and storing of goods, the warehouse also plays a major role in the movement of cargo. Moving of cargo involves three phases namely pre-trucking, transportation and post-trucking. Pre-trucking phase refers to the movement of cargo from the receiving yard to the port klang. On the other hand, transportation phase includes movement of cargo from the receiving yard to the area of destination. Post-trucking phase includes the transport of the goods from the port klang to the warehouse. You should consider all these phases while moving your freight from one place in the country to another.

With the growth of the freight forwarding industry in Malaysia, companies are providing several facilities and benefits to their clients. Some of these services are FOBX which is an online freight forwarding service that allows you to view the status of your shipments online and monitor shipment progress and speed of delivery etc. BHD or Blockhouse Delivery system is an advanced freight forwarding system that offers full parcel protection including physical security, insurance, auditing, customs clearance and tracking. BHD uses freight forwarding companies with nationwide and global presence and advanced tracking features that helps in easy and secure delivery of parcels worldwide.