What You Should Know About TCL 4K TV

What You Should Know About TCL 4K TV

The TCL 4K TV's have a resolution of 7 megapixels. That is more than double the sharpness offered by the plasma screen TV's and many LCD's. The local dimming feature offers the tv owners a real bright picture quality and that along with the sound and viewing comfort will enable you to enjoy watching your favorite movies, cartoons or even your sporting events without any appreciable strain on your eyes and eyesight.

The local dimming technology offered by the company is based on the very latest in technology and it makes use of a Standard Dynamic Range (SDR). A Standard Dynamic Range is defined as the range of colors that can be displayed with the highest possible intensity levels. The television display will be adjusted to provide the best picture quality through the proper calibration of its pixels. It provides a uniform brightness across the screen which eliminates the phenomenon of'screen burn' which is a common problem associated with inferior picture quality.

Another benefit that you get with the TCL TV's is the Wide Color Impora which it calls its inbuilt color spaces. The technology also referred to as WRC is exclusive to the TCL brand of televisions. This gives them a wider color gamut which means that the colors displayed are more accurate and will appear as if they were produced by the television itself. There are other brands that offer WRC but only those that have deeper color representation that what the TCL TV's offer.

In order to provide their customers with the best picture quality, the TCL 4K TV  employ two technologies that are found in no other brand apart from this. These technologies are called the High Dynamic Range or HDR and the Standard Dynamic Range or SDR. The company uses a lot of blue screens during the production of its televisions. These are caused due to the screen filter that is used. It is henceforth in place because of the High Dynamic Range which provides a very deep color representation that the screen filters can bear.

Apart from the picture quality that is provided by the TCL TV's, there is another thing that this brand of television has that no other company can match with. The screen size of the TCL TV's is forty seven inches while the other brands only have a maximum measurement of thirty eight inches. This means that the television has a better screen space which means that the picture can be seen clearly at all angles. This is not the case with the other televisions like the LG and Sony models which have smaller screen sizes. The 55 tv, on the other hand, has a screen size of thirty eight inches but still offers a better viewing angle than the TCL TV's.

The next feature that is exclusive to the TCL brand is the support for the High Definition format. If you want to watch movies in HD, you need to use the High Definition format otherwise you will not be able to watch the movies on your TCL TV. In this way, the television can also offer you the best picture quality that can make you feel as if you are watching movies in real life.

The next feature that is offered by the TCL brand of TV is the local dimming feature. If you are looking for bright pictures, then this is the best option as the TCL television has the brightest panel of LED's available in the market. You can adjust the brightness and contrast through the local dimming feature which makes it easier for you to watch videos and images in their original brightness and the original color. The local dimming also ensures that the color accuracy is kept intact in case there are any discrepancies in the format that you are using.

The last feature that is offered by the TCL brand of TV is the HD video certification. This certifies the HDTV that you have bought from them so that you can watch the videos in the clearest quality. If you are looking for an ideal picture quality, then you will find nothing better than the HDTV from the brand. Other features that you can get from the TV are the touch screen remote, full QWERTY keyboard, VGA output, multi-speaker audio system, DVR, high definition video recording, media video player, DVR recorder and many more that are offered by the TCL brand of TV. If you are looking for great offers on TCL TV's then you should look for the right sites that offer these TV's at amazing discounts.